Aineias Martos

Είπε για το NETWORK

“I first came across Network on the internet while I was looking for an English course near my home.My subsequent visit to Network's premises made me realize that it is a school of high standards, where students with high objectives are prepared to be admitted to the most demanding universities abroad.

My decision to prepare at Network for my TOEFL exam proved very right, which in combination with the school's wise consulting enabled me to get accepted to pursue my MSc in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Birmingham in the UK, from where I graduated in September 2004.

My good TOEFL results and Network's consulting played a crucial role in my getting awarded a scholarship from the Bodossaki foundation, to finance my MSc. After all these years, I still have a good relation with Network's staff and I have been recommending Network to friends and relatives who intend to be apply to the most demanding universities abroad. ”

Σύντομη Βιογραφία

Aineias Martos is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Athens, researching the accessibility of people with visual impairment to scientific notation. He has rich professional experience as a software developer and software engineer at QUALCO IT Solutions & Services ( and in localization and support of applications and hardware for the blind for Freedom Scientific, Handy Tech and Euro Braille (


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